The purpose we strive to achieve is to provide gamers with powerful gaming computers that can handle all games for years to come with amazing performance at a great price.

As gamers, we love having our games look great and feel smooth to play. Whether it is a casual card game or a competitive shooter, we want comfort and control to be at the core of your experience.

Many gamers know what performance they want, but don't know what parts to buy or how to set up their hardware and optimize their games. We provide the optimal pairing of components that offer the greatest performance for the price, while hitting the targets of each system - be it 60Hz/144Hz/240Hz gaming at 1080p resolution, or 120Hz gaming at  4k resolution with Ultra Quality.

We can assist with optimizing your games or overclocking your system for no additional cost, and will provide free support for any issues or inquiries you may have.

Our team


Jarrod joao


I having been gaming for as long as I can remember. 
Ever since I made the switch from console to PC over five years ago I have developed many different skills.

I have had a fond habit of helping friends build the best possible gaming pcs with their limited budgets, including helping them solve all problems they happened to come across.

Now, I have years of experience understanding the vast variety of computer components - the performance they offer for their price, their quality, and the components they compliment.

Optimizing settings has quickly become one of my hobbies, by making games run at the highest framerates while maintaining the best quality experience. 

I am also a competitive gamer at heart, having been able to perform really well in a wide variety of genres.

I have my own gaming YouTube channel. I have uploaded videos and streamed over the years. Feel free to check it out:




Computer Assembly & Support

Our employees are enthusiastic gamers who have many years of experience building and optimising gaming computers.

They will provide free support during work hours.

They assist with stock when necessary, otherwise the owner handles the rest.